Hectic lead up won’t stop MacLean A home round beckons for the Darwin dynamo.

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Scott MacLean is one of the busiest people in Darwin right now, not only preparing his MacLean Motorsport team to race at Nitro Up North, but also being the main man behind the scenes organising the event.

On top of running his Redline Plumbing business, it creates a hectic lead in to the opening round of the 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series for the NT local.

“I’m lucky that we have a great team both on the race track and behind the scenes else there is no way we could do all this,” he said. “The amount of work that needs to go on to make an event of this magnitude happen is unreal.”

Fortunately when it comes to racing, MacLean will have the assistance of some of the best in the business. With the power combo of Australia’s Steve Packman and the USA’s Darren Mayer from DMPE Inc, MacLean will be able to focus before the first qualifying session and ready the 3500 horsepower Holden Monaro for battle against 15 other Pro Slammer teams at Nitro Up North.

“A good crew chief understands that a car doesn’t just run well because of the right parts or the right calls on the tune up, it runs well because of the people around it. That’s everyone from the driver to the person steering the tow car. When we all focus on our tasks and do them well we will see the results.

“Nitro Up North has one of the toughest Pro Slammer fields I have seen for a very long time. We have all the regulars like Zappia, Bray and Belleri but then we also have some new challengers like Paul Mouhayet who are really going to stir things up.”

While the hurdles are many to becoming a champion at Nitro Up North, MacLean has a consistent 5.7 second race car and plenty of experience in the tropical conditions.

“We’ve shown we have a repeatable tune up and that is always important. Just qualifying in Pro Slammer requires a full power pass now and to reach a final you are going to need to be in the fives on every run – that’s just the nature of how competitive things are now.”

Pro Slammers will first hit the track at 5.30pm on Friday for their opening qualifying session, before eliminations on Saturday.

For more information about Nitro Up North check out www.nitroupnorth.com.au.

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